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Ad-Apt creates a bullet-proof marketing strategy and backs it up with consistent and dedicated effort to protect your brand at all costs.

Performance Marketing

Advertising should create an enticement to make a purchase or take an action. Ad-Apt is an expert at reaching those target audiences, either by playing on their motivation or convincing them they should be motivated to buy.

Web Design

Using UX focused frameworks and front-end aesthetic development, we create an online journey to turn your prospects into conversions and those converted into brand advocates.


SEO is all about your competitive positioning. Your business needs to outrank the competition. Ad-Apt uses optimization strategies so your business ranks highly, and your pages will provide the best solutions to a user’s search intent.


Whether you have a storefront or actively sell products online, you need to have an easy-to-use, streamlined way for people to transact with your business. That’s ecommerce, and it’s a growing and evolving industry serving as the backbone for business.


 A successful brand creates trust. It creates emotion. It provides the consumer with a connection, and that connection is critical to your brand’s success. Ad-Apt creates a bullet-proof brand strategy and backs it up with consistent and dedicated effort to protect your brand at all costs.

Content Marketing

Solid content marketing creates awareness of the solution you provide and educates customers as to why they need what you have to offer; fosters relationships between you, your business and your customers; and creates community and increases loyalty around your brand.


Producing high-quality, high-impact, relevant media is the cornerstone of any marketing effort. Ad-Apt is adept at accurately portraying your brand through storytelling on various visual mediums and handles production services from A to Z to deliver those assets on time and on point.


At Ad-Apt, our team believes it’s important to dig in and understand how the entire org works. With that perspective, there could be a realization that a subtle change to our strategy could have a profound impact on your company’s profitability.

Marketing Analytics

Ad-Apt laser focuses on data that is important to marketers and makes sense of it all. Solid data in leads to reliable, actionable insights out. Marketing campaigns improve and return on ad spend is optimized. You deserve a partner looking out for your interests and your bottom line.

Our Process

Our team of dedicated marketing strategists, videographers, designers, copywriters, and consultants are ready to help you launch your next project or improve an existing one with our proven process.



Analysis & Consultation

Our team starts out by getting a sense of what your current challenges are and checking your online presence health. Additionally, we perform a competitor analysis to define the elements we need to improve and the opportunities we can take advantage of.


Strategy & Deployment

We define your goals and ideal targets, what they like, where they buy, when they buy and how we can approach them. We implement the action plan, focusing on timely, tactical implementation, and setting up scalable growth opportunities making sure there is the consistency of your brand message across the digital channels.



Reporting & Optimization

Perhaps, the most important step of all. We monitor your results at every step of the process, identify improvements, and leverage that to get you more wins. This frees you up to work on other high impact areas of your business



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Spencer A. Lawyer

Spencer A. Lawyer


"My whole internet marketing world changed after I used Ad-Apt. I literally trust them with my life and there is no one else I would want helping me online."



Willow Park

"They're innovative and always showing us ways to grow our business."

Founding Partner

Founding Partner

Tirado-Luciano & Tirado

"They were responsive and efficient like always. I had many clients reach out to congratulate me and I also picked up a couple of new clients."

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