5 Essential Youtube SEO Tools

Sep 22, 2022 | SEO

Are you taking advantage of Youtube SEO Tools for your marketing strategy?

It’s clear that video is the most popular format for social media content nowadays. If you’re looking to implement it in your digital marketing strategy, you should consider posting on Youtube. With over 2.6 billion active users in 2022, you can surely find your target audience there.

As the second most used search engine, it isn’t just a video platform; it’s also a social media network that you can use to connect with your customers and potential customers. 

But due to its popularity, you’ll also find plenty of competition on the platform. Being knowledgeable about SEO tools to direct viewers to your channel is a must.

In this blog, we’ve gathered the top 5 Youtube SEO Tools that are essential to start your Youtube journey.

Google Trends

If you feel lost trying to find which content people are interested in, Google Trends is one of the best Youtube SEO Tools to guide you into what audiences want to see. 

You can select “Youtube Search” when you’re conducting your research on Google Trends and even filter your results according to geographical location, categories, and more. It even allows you to compare topic popularities if you can’t decide which popular topic to cover first.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker has become the latest Youtube SEO Tools on the platform’s ecosystem that allows you to generate a list of top-ranking keywords for any specific keyword you might be looking for. This software can show you rankings and search volume for keywords that can be filtered by country or even specific address. It also specifies competition, keyword suggestions, and other vital metrics.

Youtubers using seo tools to improve their channel


Video SEO is just as important to your videos as it is to traditional web pages.

That’s because if you delay the optimization of a Youtube video for more than 48 hours after publishing it, it’ll be marked out of favor by Youtube’s algorithm. A better practice that’s beneficial for your Youtube channel SEO is to prioritize optimizing your videos as soon as you publish them.

TubeBuddy is an extension for your browser that helps with the optimization of titles, descriptions, tags, and more for your videos with ease. It can be integrated on Youtube to automatically show you insights, tips, and suggestions and help you grow faster.

We find its “Vid2Vid” particularly useful to promote older videos from your channel into newer uploads.


VidIQ can help you gain more views on your videos by reporting key information about both your channel and your competitors so that you can improve the quality of your content to rank better than them.

The software offers keyword tools, helpful graphics for analyzing events related to a specific topic, guides for choosing titles, description recommendations, alerts when important changes unrelated to SEO, and much more.

Youtube Analytics

There’s data that you just can’t miss when gauging your success on Youtube, and you can find it directly on Youtube Analytics. It is the best place to figure out your channel’s weaknesses and strengths. 

The tool provides reports on your videos’ watch time, average percentage viewed, audience retention, and average view duration.

It will help you get the awareness of which kind of content performs better and gets you more subscribers, so you can focus on producing more of what’s working.

Its features allow you to track where your audience is discovering your video: the search bar, recommended section, or home page. This information is key for optimizing your titles and thumbnails for improved click-through rates.

And the best part of Youtube Analytics is that it’s completely free.