5 Best SEO Reporting Tools

Aug 25, 2022 | SEO

Every digital agency needs SEO reporting tools to run successful SEO campaigns.

Their purpose is to help a website rank high on search engines. It does this by tracking metrics such as keyword usage, URL compliance, and link clicks.

An SEO reporting tool is also helpful for presenting automated reports to clients and showing progress. These reports contain KPIs (key performance indicators) that can be scheduled. By doing this, agencies can avoid having to assemble data manually, and save valuable time.

In this post, we will be providing a comparison of some of the best SEO reporting tools available to assist you in creating an SEO report or campaign with ease.

If you need a refreshment on what SEO is and how it compares to SEM, you can read about it in this blog post.


Semrush is a keyword research and position tracking tool that’s very popular due to being an all-in-one solution. Some of its features help you with competitor research, rank tracking, keyword research, and link building.

It even includes a user-friendly reporting tool that can be automatically scheduled to be sent to clients or team members. This is available through their ‘My Reports” feature, which allows users to export easy-to-understand PDF reports, that are also visually appealing and customizable. There are even templates that make it possible to throw together last-minute reports with ease.

You can try their 7-day Free Trial to see if it fits your business needs.

Raven Tools

 Raven Tools is a popular choice for marketers and agencies for creating SEO marketing reports and data analysis.

It allows you to present your clients with more professional reports: With their features, you’ll be able to create multiple monthly reports that can be scheduled and branded.

It’s also great for keeping an eye on possible competitors: they include competitor analysis, web analytics, and previously used keyword data.

See what Raven tools can do for you with their free 7-day trial.


Supermetrics can be used in conjunction with other reporting tools to give you the ability to transfer data through spreadsheets on multiple platforms. It avoids the hassle of having to manually gather data from multiple locations to create reports, possibly saving hours of labor.

It can be integrated with SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Excel, and more. 

Try Supermetrics for 14 days for free.


Moz is an easy-to-use software-as-a-service company that offers one of the top SEO software available. We especially recommend it for agencies as it allows you to monitor website traffic, visibility, and ranking. 

Its SEO Toolbox is great for discovering relevant keywords, SEO competition, and very accurate search volume data. It also provides an on-page grader that allows you to audit your website and examine possible technical issues. 

Their features to track competitor data are especially useful to help you understand how your competitors rank for keywords. 

Try Moz for 30 days for free.


 Ahrefs is one of the best options to offer extensive SEO reporting and is used by many SEO companies. Their SEO reports can help you improve your organic ranking, outreach campaigns, and improving your content. 

You can also conduct automized website audits to optimize your ranking. It helps you refine your site by looking for errors, technical issues, broken pages, and more. 

You’ll get useful SEO insight and reporting for analyzing keywords and link metrics. 

Their most affordable plan starts at $99/month.